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Welcome to Baton Rouge Friends.net where we show you around the ‘Capitol City’ and show you what is going on around your neighborhood.  You are a part of our family and we make sure you know about the best places to live, eat, work, shop, and play. Our job is to make your life easier so you can spend your money wisely and with trusted products and services.

Never leave home without research us.  Before you take your date out on the town make sure to check which flower shop to call, which limo company to use, and which restaurant to visit. We want to make sure you experience all Baton Rouge has to offer without the hassle of trying out a new product or service that may not be up to your standards.  We will also highlight a different company or website that you should visit.  Today we wanted to highlight a great local limousine company for wedding transportation www.batonrougelimorental.com.

Even though we bring back information to our Baton Rouge family and friends to use, there are times when we get it wrong. We may not have have slept in the room you slept in, or tasted that meal you tried, so your experience may have been different than ours.  If that is the case and you disagree with our recommendations, let us know so we can provide our family with even greater comprehensive perspectives.

The more input we hear from you our readers (our Baton Rouge family/friends), the better this site will be at giving you the information you need to make an informed decision about the next purchase you make, place you go or sporting event you watch.  Together we make this site a place to be for authentic Baton Rouge news.  So visit us often to get the up-to-date news on all news regarding Baton Rouge.

We are your friends and we know true friends are honest with each other, so we will give you our honest opinion about a product our service we experienced. We ask if you had a different experience

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