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The Capital City has plenty of massage businesses to choose from and we are here to help you select the right establishment.  We have been to many of the massage places we will discuss below and interviewed others to get their thoughts on where is a good place to relieve some stress.

Research has shown that getting a massage is a very therapeutic experience and helps relieve stress and aids in blood circulation throughout the body.  People that get regular massages are more flexible and less likely to get stressed out according to several studies.  So based on the information provided it is safe to assume that if you are interested in getting a massage this can be very good for your health.

Now the question is where to go in Baton Rouge with that vast array of massage businesses available to the average person.  There are some well established business as well as new places that have opened within the last few years. The purpose of this article is not to critique every massage business in the city, but to recommend a few good places that we have been to along with recommendations from some of our readers and people we have interviewed.

two of the major massage businesses that come to mind is Massage Envy or the Massage Emporium.  When you type in the search engines massage Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge massage, or one of the many variations two of the top businesses that come up are Massage Envy on 2561 Citiplace Ct. and Massage Emporium on 240 Laurel St.  These are two good businesses that offer full service massage a spa treatments.

The difference in many of the massage businesses is the type of services offered and you must make sure to compare apples to apples.  Places like Massage Envy is a full service spa that offers additional spa treatment services that many other massage businesses do not offer.  So when looking for a massage don’t assume that just because they offer more they are better.  Based on our personal experience and the experience of people we have interviewed these are both good places and the additional services they offer are great, but there area few other local massage businesses that deserve some recognition as well.

Two places that come to mind are Innovative Massage at 8211 Summa Avenue and Capital City Massage Therapy at 5618 Superior Drive.  These are two of the better massage therapy establishments in the city if you ask us.  Based on customer service, atmosphere, and affordability, these two places are hard to beat.  Even though they are not full service spas they offer an array of massage services that are second to none.  We have visited these two places and were thoroughly impressed by the way we were treated in both places and the massage was very relaxing.

When we compare the two places (Innovative Massage and Capital City Massage Therapy), we would have to recommend Capital City because of it’s online appointment scheduling ability.  For busy professionals looking to book a spot when they are ready and not have to worry about speaking with a person to determine availability, this is an excellent option that is offered by Capital City.  Many other establishments especially the bigger places offer similar online services, but Capital City has a detailed schedule for each of its massage therapist.

For additional information about Capital City Massage Therapy visit their website at  You will see a wealth of information regarding their services along with the appointment scheduling feature we talk about above.  You can also call their office at 225-412-2235.  For more information on Innovative massage visit their website at

We hoped this article has helped clarify some of the better massage choices in the Capital City of Baton Rouge.  We would love to hear from you to see what you think and if you agree with us.  Leave a comments below or email us so we can include your input on future updates.


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